Staff List 2018

Executive Principal
Mr James Sloman  –

Head of College
Mr Tony Wood  –

Head of  Secondary

Mr Jason Day

Assistant Head of Secondary – Academic
Mrs Naomi Williams

Assistant Head of Secondary – Pastoral
Mrs Susanne Jamieson

Head of Primary
Mr Richard Curtis

Assistant Head of Primary  – Pastoral
Mr Joey Fumar

Curriculum Coordinators
Mrs Larissa Guy (Prep – Year 3)
Mr Paul Dack (Year 4 – 6)

Business and Finance Manager
Mrs Nicole Hawkins –

Finance Manager
Mrs Anna Thompson

Head of Music for MBC and MBBC
Dr Bradley Voltz

Head of Music
Anna Cooper (Acting)

Head of Sport and HPE
Mr Scott Emblen

Head of Art
Mr David Vial

Director of Marketing
Mrs Lynne Labanne

Mrs Emma Campbell –

Business Advancement Manager
Mrs Julia MacDonald

Middle Years Program Coordinator
Mrs Leigh-Ann Cadzow Andreas – Middle Years Program

Curriculum Coordinators (Secondary)
Mrs Stephanie Smith – Communications
Mr Stuart Paterson – Humanities
Mr Damien Murtagh – STEM (Acting)

Learning Enhancement
Mrs Leanne Heelass – Learning Enhancement Coordinator

Mr Damien Murtugh – eLearning Co-ordinator
Mr Harrison Parker – Assistant Network Administrator

Mr Shane McCarthy

Ms Carol Milne – Library Manager
Mrs Trudy Tait   – Library Aide
Mrs Nerida Winchester – Library Aide

Property Manager
Mr Des Schinkel

Class Teachers and Form Teachers 
please use generic email address:


Prep A                   Mrs Elizabeth Stone
Prep B                   Mrs Jemma Pickering
Year 1A                 Mrs Larissa Guy
Year 1B                 Miss Meg Andersen
Year 2A                 Mrs Caroline Fogg
Year 2B                 Miss Kim Wilson
Year 3A                 Mrs Rebecca Sullivan
Year 3B                 Mr Anthony Lewis
Year 4A                 Mrs Alex Givney
Year 4B                 Mr David Peckham
Year 5A                 Mr Paul Dack
Year 5B                 Ms Allannah Secis
Year 6A                 Mr Alistair Rofeta
Year 6B                 Mrs Melissa Acocks
Year 7A                 Mrs Audrey Aquaro
Year 7B                 Mr Rob Kelly
Year 8A                 Mrs Julie Bowness
Year 8B                 Mr Stephanie Smith
Year 9A                 Mrs Meegan Henderson
Year 9B                 Mrs Stuart Paterson
Doherty                Mr Werner Botha
Dunlop                 Mrs Michelle Palmer
Flynn                    Mr Graeme Potter
Nicholls                Mr Arran Montgomery

Specialist Teachers

Spanish – Mrs Jenny Bond
Japanese –  Mrs Rochelle Masoaka
Design Technology – Mr Edward Cox
Primary Art – Mrs Angie Beighton
HPE Secondary – Mr Werner Botha
HPE Primary – Mr Hayden Eames
Primary Music – Miss Peggy Lee
Drama – Mrs Stephanie Smith

Teacher Aides
Mrs Joanne Houghton – Prep
Miss Eve Luck – Prep
Mrs Karen Glenn – Year 1
Mrs Dianne Petrie – Year 2
Mrs Jennifer Fraser – Learning Support
Mrs Allison Petrillo – Learning Support
Mrs Deb Southern – Learning Support
Mrs Dianne Wood – Learning Support
Mrs Colleen Von Stein – Science
Mrs Jenny Furlong – Art
Mr Colin Pesch – Design Technology

Administration – please use

Mrs Lesley Cosgrove – PA to Head of College
Miss Katherine McDonald – Senior Administration Officer Secondary
Mrs Tracey Watkins – Administration Assistant – Primary
Miss Suzanne Hasenkam – Administration Assistant, Reception
Mrs Paula Jowitt – Administration Assistant, Student Reception


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