From the Executive Principal


Welcome to Moreton Bay Boys’ College. As you navigate our site, you will experience the energy and vibrancy of our college. You will begin to get a sense of the how the college feels as a community for your son’s learning and growth. It is important for us as a college that your son grows into a strong and compassionate young man prepared for the world and for his future.

At MBBC our college students are encouraged to extend themselves intellectually and to strive to achieve-whether this is in the classroom, the playing field or the stage. For your son to grow into a man capable of dealing with life’s challenges he needs a school experience that allows him to become as our motto suggests, a life adventurers; and life achiever!

As a father of two boys attending Moreton Bay Boys’ College it is important for me as my sons become men they ask challenging questions, think critically, develop research skills proven to help them in higher education and are encouraged to be active in their communities to take their learning beyond academic study. The college is the right place for them to be!

Moreton Bay Boys’ College has a strong philosophy of educating the whole person-body, mind, heart and spirit. The focus on academic excellence is underpinned by a rich and caring pastoral program. This is coupled with rich co-curricular program to engage your son across visual and performing arts, cultural activities and a wide range of sports.

Boys need a learning environment that gives both the boundaries and the freedom to explore and experiment, to take risks, to debate and challenge! Moreton Bay Boys’ College provides this and our outstanding teaching staff strive to ensure that your son will achieve his personal best, embrace opportunities to develop as a leader, to volunteer, to develop courage to overcome and to act with integrity. As a single sex college your son is free to be himself and to build a strong and resilient self-esteem. Like our sister school, Moreton Bay College, Moreton Bay Boys’ College has a strong tradition in single sex education. We are also a young and dynamic school embracing innovation and change. This creates an exciting learning environment for your son to thrive.

Our academic program is based within the International Baccalaureate (IB) which aims to do more than other standard curricula. MBBC is the only school in the bayside authorized to deliver the International Baccalaureate PYP and MYP programs . The IB encourages students to think critically, challenge and question. The IB program is an internationally recognised framework, which works hand in hand with the Australian Curriculum. It will encourage your son to consider both local and international environments in order to prepare him as a young man for a future life on the global stage with the skills to achieve wherever his career takes him.

Choosing a school can be one of the most challenging and difficult decisions a parent can make. While this can seem overwhelming it is worth remembering it is an investment in your son’s future. I believe you can sense the energy of a great school and it is only by visiting that you can get a feeling for the values and culture of MBBC. I would encourage you as a parent to look for the school that best suits the needs and interests of your son. Moreton Bay Boys’ College has an abundance of opportunities for your son to explore and to discover.

For your son to shine he will need a college that cares for him; that knows him. To thrive, he will need to be safe and free from harm and bullying. To excel he will need kind, patient and intelligent guidance from teachers who are experts in the way boys learn. For him to shine, he needs to have strong and firm boundaries where he feels respected. This is the foundation of the Moreton Bay Boys’ College experience. I invite you and your family to become a part of this very special place!

Keep shining.

Mr James Sloman







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