A young school, with its sights set firmly on the future

Moreton Bay Boys’ College is an independent boys’  school conducted within the Christian traditions of the Uniting Church in a brother/sister relationship with Moreton Bay College, a single-sex school for girls. During the 1990s, families of Moreton Bay College (MBC) and wider community who live in Brisbane’s bayside suburbs had sought a local boys-only school that replicated the ethos and culture of MBC, and provided an equivalent educational experience for their sons. Subsequently, Moreton Bay College and the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA) entered into an agreement, making possible the establishment of Moreton Bay Boys’ College. A separate, not-for-profit company, Moreton Bay Boys’ College Ltd (MBBC Ltd), which owns and operates the College, was incorporated on 10 April 2003. As the first independent boys’ school to be established within Brisbane in some 65 years, the establishment of Moreton Bay Boys’ College was a defining moment in history.

The school presented the opportunity for families from the eastern suburbs of Brisbane – and increasingly further afield – to benefit from a combination of enduring values and an innovative approach to teaching and learning. The school opened in 2003 with Preschool and Year 1 on vacant land at MBC. In 2004, MBBC moved to its permanent home at 302 Manly Road, Manly West with Preschool, Year 1 and Year 2. Years 3 – 5 were added in 2005, Years 6-9 in 2006, Year 10 in 2008, and Year 11 in 2009, with the first Year 12s graduating from the College in 2010. The College will continue to expand until it reaches a maximum capacity of between 750-800 students. MBBC celebrated 10 years as a College in 2014 with family pavers and a time capsule buried on the campus.

As of July 1, 2011 Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys’ College were amalgamated. This was a historical turning point in the evolution of both Colleges. The amalgamation of the Colleges made good sense on many levels. It was seen to be a natural extension of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2008, and had been a long-held desire of the Boards. The decision to join the Colleges together was, at its heart, quite simple – Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys’ College are stronger together. This unique proposition in private education offers families with male and female children all the benefits of single sex education and also the convenience of having co-ordinated term breaks and school events, as well as aligned values, policies and student behavioural expectations.  Five minutes apart by car, both College’s remain absolutely committed to excellence in single sex education.

The schools remain separate, one committed to the education of girls and the other of boys, each with their own individual personalities and attributes, but which are now joined together to harness expertise, resources, knowledge, facilities and business functions to best effect. The first steps in the amalgamation was to reorganise the current Board structure. This means there is still a Board representing each school but both Boards now have the same members. The members were drawn from the existing MBC and MBBC Boards.

Moving forward there may continue to be opportunities for an expansion of co-curricular activities, introduction of new subjects, improved resources, and ability for teachers to work across both Colleges.

Further Information For further information about pursuing an education for your son or daughter at either of the Moreton Bay Colleges, please contact our Registrar Mrs Jan Westerhuis on (07) 3249 9322

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