Why an all-boys education for your son?

When choosing a school for your son, it is important to consider the benefits an all-boys school can offer. Ongoing research provides compelling evidence that boys enjoy significant advantages with an all-boys education.


At Moreton Bay Boys’ College, our boys benefit from our ability to:

  • Offer an engaging curriculum, specifically developed for the ways boys think and learn, helping build their confidence and pride in their abilities, and to thrive academically. The scope and diversity of our program helps encourage boys to want to be at school and want to learn. Our school activities include leadership training, community service, an award winning science program, extensive creative and visual arts program, personal development programs, sporting endeavours, and a specific focus on “thinking” skills and literacy. Our literacy program is modified with specific strategies designed to help boys become powerful readers. Our school’s inquiry-based and hands-on approach builds upon boys’ natural curiosity.
  • Raise expectations of what boys can achieve, encouraging each boy to achieve his potential and discover his own unique interests and talents.
  • Build a safe, happy and secure school environment in which boys receive the right balance of boundaries, high expectations and freedom to explore within them.
  • Help boys focus on academic and extra curricular activities without the pressure to perform for girls. Boys can show interest without inhibition and are able to interact with learning programs in place, often achieving more highly as a result.
  • Help avoid the confusion of gender stereotyping. MBBC immerses boys equally in subject areas such as art and music as we do in those subjects traditionally perceived of as “male”, such as science and maths. We also provide a range of co-curricular activities covering a wide ranging spectrum of interests. Boys learn better when they know they won’t be bullied or ridiculed, and our many student care programs support and promote this intention.
  • Gear the school environment to maximise the way boys will respond, helping achieve better results – MBBC develops exciting resources geared toward boys, from the books they like to read, to the larger sized classrooms (25% bigger than average), high levels of technology and large, and open spaces in which to play.
  • Approach teaching and learning in a way that is tailored to how boys learn helping them to thrive academically, socially and spiritually. Our experiential and internationally focused syllabus helps boys connect with the world around them. We take care to vary curriculum content and methodologies of teaching, learning and thinking, and use diverse technologies to support our goals. Importantly, we understand that there is great diversity in the way boys learn. However, by providing an environment that recognises and embraces their differences, we are able to maximise individuals’ potential.
  • Choose teachers that understand, value and are passionate about working with boys, and who act as positive role models.
  • Put in place experiences which promote strong bonds of friendship between the boys and which celebrate rites of passage.
  • Provide supervised social, cultural and academic activities with our sister school Moreton Bay College.
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