Primary Christmas Service -Monday 28 November – MBC Music Centre 6:00pm

16 November 2016

Primary Christmas Service 2016 Monday 28 November – MBC Music Centre 6:00pm 
As we begin to draw the curtain on another year at MBBC, we approach one of the most special events in our calendar – the Primary Christmas Service. This will be held on Monday 28 November.
The event serves to allow our Primary School community the chance to come together to reflect on the year that has been, to share in the wonder and spirit of Christmas and to engage our boys in song, prayer and performance.

Christmas Service is compulsory
Our Christmas Service is one of the compulsory school events on the College calendar and we expect to see all of our Primary boys along for the service at Moreton Bay College Music Centre.
Upon arrival between 5:30pm – 5:45pm for a prompt 6:00pm start, students are to meet their teachers inside the Music Centre, whilst parents will all gather in the foyer awaiting door opening. Students will be supervised by teachers, have the roll marked and prepare for the evening.

Uniform and proceedings
Students should wear their normal check shirt and grey shorts, with no hats required for the occasion. During the service, students will be seated in class groups.
At the conclusion of the event, students will remain in their seats, with parents making their way to the foyer. Teachers will then escort the students into the foyer, where parents can collect their sons from the classroom teachers.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful evening with our whole Primary School community as we celebrate Christmas and give our final well-wishes for the holiday period.

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