Secondary Academics

17 January 2018

Student Timetables

  • 2018 student timetables will be available to view on the MBBC website through Student Café and Parent Lounge during the week commencing 22 January. Please see the website access section below for more information on Student Café and Parent Lounge.

Application to change subjects

  • Following reflection over the holidays on results and/or future directions, students may wish to apply for a change to their program of study. If this is the case, students are asked to please go and see Mrs Naomi Williams, Assistant Head of Secondary – Academic, to obtain the form and discuss the reason for the subject change.


  • Teachers will guide students in this area. If you have any questions regarding textbooks, please contact the relevant subject teacher or form teacher.

Assessment Planners

Students and parents will be able to access the assessment tasks and corresponding dates via Student Café and Parent Lounge. These will be available by the end of Week 2 each term. To assist with his time management, we still strongly encourage your son to record his assessment dates in his diary.

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