A Loving Reminder

19 July 2017

Shane McCarthy“I love you.”

I can’t think of any number of words in the entire English language more powerful than these three simple words when set one after the other. They draw us closer, they reassure us, they calm us and they are restorative. They are words that have the power to totally transform a day. Yet when was the last time you’ve said them to or heard them from the people who mean the most to you?
For many of us it may be way too long.

In life, we can’t go back. When it’s too late, it’s too late. We never know what tomorrow will bring, or even today for that matter. We can lose the people who are closest to us in the blink of an eye, without any warning. We can be left with regrets about what we should have, what we could have said to them. And really, how often is often enough? Once or twice a year in a greeting card? The reality is this — you, your family, your closest friends…nothing is guaranteed. The closest person to you could be gone tomorrow. Did you tell them you loved them today? Did you express to them how much they mean to you?

I sent a text to my kids in the middle of the day last week. It read:
“You know I love you, right?”
My daughter texted back, “Yep”

My son thought I wanted something

My other son asked me if I was okay?

WOW!! Not quite the response I was after. This little experiment made me realise that I need to be saying these words to my children more often. Not just to tell them, but also to demonstrate my love to them so they have no doubt at all. In the big things, in the little things, in the deep conversations and in the little “reminder” phrases.

Cherish the people around you today. Let them know that they are important to you. Let them know you love them. Say it today. Say it often. Say it like you mean it. No one gets tired of being reminded that they are loved or hearing that someone cares about them deeply. Yes, show it, but also say it. You never know when someone near you might need to hear those three simple words most.

As the College Chaplain, my role is to support and serve all the members of the College community. So if I can be of assistance to you or your family or if you ever wish to give me any comments or feedback on these ‘Chaplain’s Corner’ articles then please email me on: mccarthys@mbbc.qld.edu.au

Shane McCarthy
School Chaplain

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