15 August 2017

Shane McCarthyLately I have been listening to a song by Bliss n Eso lately called “Moments”. It talks about how quickly life goes by and about looking back on those golden memories of growing up.

You know, growing up happened so fast, And you only get your first times once.
Those moments were special,

We look back on those days of wonder and innocence of our childhood. But it’s hard to hold onto those memories, those moments in a world that moves so quickly and seeks to take away all that is good. Bliss n Eso continue thinking about those great moments in life before everything started changing:

Before the demons came and kidnapped my innocence
Before life swept me up and I was hurled in
And I lost pieces of myself up in this whirlwind
But I had to find them again, ’cause they’re the miracle
That took me from feeling invisible to invincible.

As we look back and think about those moments, those times of wonder in our own childhood, those moments that our parents tried their best to give us, it gets me thinking. So what are we doing as parents with our own families? This song claims that ultimately the only thing we really own are our memories. My question then is what memories are you making?

We can get so caught up in the day to day routine and to-do lists that we kind of start walking around with our eyes on the ground. We lose sight of the joys, the wonder, the awe all around us. We forget to laugh, to relax, to savour and enjoy the moments and the people around us. We need to remember to lift our eyes and take in the moments. To see the people around us, the relationships we have, the laughter, the tears, the wins, the losses. To soak these things in and be making memories that will carry both ourselves and our families through this life. To have those moments that encourage us and fill us with hope. Those moments that lift us out of the here and now and seem to make the world stand still if even for just a few fleeting moments. Make the most of the moments you have in life, because all to quickly in this life people grow up, they move away or they pass away and then those moments, those memories are all we have left.

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