The Love of God

10 May 2017

Shane McCarthyI remember when my kids were much, much younger and you would have those times when your kids were very sick. They may have a fever and be sweating away and dozing fitfully in bed or in your arms. I remember in those times the feeling of such love and concern for my sick child. As I sat on the edge of the bed patting their back or running my fingers through their sweaty hair that was plastered to their head, I also remember feeling so helpless as their little body fought the virus wishing that somehow, I could take it all away for them.

There is nothing quite like the love of a good parent for their children. That feeling of love and devotion where you would do almost anything to make your child’s life better, easier. Where you would even be prepared to lay down your life for them, not just in a metaphorical way, but literally.

But this is also how God demonstrates his love for us as well. We look to the Easter story and what Jesus was prepared to do for us to tell us, indeed to show us just how precious we are to God, how much he truly loves us. That he was prepared to lay down his life so that we, his children, could have a better life, an easier life. That he did die so that we could have life and life to its fullest. You may doubt many things in this world but do not ever doubt just how much God loves you and how much you as an individual mean to him. May you come to truly know God’s immense love for you.

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Shane McCarthy
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