Well Met

30 August 2017

School Chaplain - Mr Shane McCarthy

I recently saw a friend of mine and he used this term that he felt, “well met” in seeing me. The term intrigued me, or at least his use of it did and so I asked him about it. What did it mean to him? He thought for a moment and then replied that to him it meant to be very comfortable, to be made to feel at ease and at peace, to have connected with a peer, with another male in a way where there was no competition or secret agendas. It was more than just a greeting, like nice to meet you. It meant something deeper, something more connected, something more real.

Then I started to think about how people reacted to the presence of Jesus. As you read the Gospels it appears that most people, other than the religious leaders, seemed to feel very ‘well met’ in the company of Jesus. He seemed to have a way of making people feel valued and special and even loved. Especially those people who seemed to be so far away from God were attracted to him. Hence why he became known as a ‘friend of sinners’ by those proud, arrogant, insecure individuals who liked to look down their nose at others.

So, I wonder do you make those around you feel ‘well met’ by your presence? Or thinking about yourself when was the last time you felt ‘well met’? The Bible reminds us constantly that God knows us intimately and he wants us to know him. Or to maybe put it another way that we may be well met in his presence.

As the College Chaplain, my role is to support and serve all the members of the college community. If I can be of assistance to you or your family or if you ever wish to give me any comments or feedback on these ‘Chaplain’s Corner’ articles then please email me on: mccarthys@mbbc.qld.edu.au

Shane McCarthy
College Chaplain


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