Co-curricular Activities – overview

Enjoying Campus Life

Your son’s level of enjoyment at Moreton Bay Boys’ College will often correlate with his level of involvement in campus activities as much as what happens in the classroom.

This is a College which is committed to providing depth and diversity, providing the boys with opportunities to develop themselves fully as people.  They can develop those skills and talents they have already discovered in themselves, as well as adding new strings to their bows.

At MBBC, boys are also given opportunities to join clubs, be part of leadership groups, compete in interschool competitions, enjoy camps and expeditions, be involved in community outreach programs and mentor younger students – fully immersing themselves in the experience of College life.

Co-Curricular Activities

Clubs and special interests
MBBC offers a diverse range of special interest activities, allowing boys the opportunity to develop new and existing interests and skills. Examples of some of the activities offered are as follows:


MBBC enters teams in local club based associations. A variety of competitive sports are offered including: cricket, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis and touch. Annual swimming, cross country and athletics championships are conducted. MBBC competes in the Christian Schools Sports Association (CSSA) in swimming, cross country and athletics.

The Arts

Art Club – offers boys the opportunity to explore their interests and preferred mediums in a fun environment.  Work for community art competitions can also be explored in this environment.

Drama Program – develops expressive, confident and clear communication, creative movement, improvisation, mime, clowning, play-building, process and college drama and play production plus presentation opportunities.

Drama Production – boys have the opportunity to hone their acting, performance and theatre skills through involvement in a drama production presented to the local communityand, on alternative years, production of a joint musical with Moreton Bay College.


Private Music Tuition – learning to play an instrument can be an exciting and rewarding experience.  Private tuition for specialist music tutors is available at the College on a variety of instruments such as flute, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, viola, cello, piano, saxophone, clarinet and guitar.

Rock Band – senior band open for auditions each semester and provide an outlet for covers and original work.

Singing Sessions/Choir – aims to provide opportunity for boys to engage in fun singing activities in a relaxed environment.  Performances throughout year.  Auditioned choir for Years 4-7.

Wind Ensemble – wind and percussion instruments used in performing a range of classical through to traditional concert band pieces.

Percussion Ensemble – percussion instruments used in performing a range of classical through to traditional concert band pieces.

Jazz Ensemble – aims to provide opportunity for boys to develop basic skills for boys in early jazz pieces.

Junior Rock Band – develops basic skills for boys in a beginning level rock band.

Year 3 String Ensemble – compulsory music making ensemble.

Year 5 Concert Band – compulsory.

Community & Environment

Enviro Club – students from across the College work on a range of initiatives and incentives, increasing awareness of global and local issues regarding the environment, and developing strategies to involve other members of the community in the important work of the College’s very own 5.5ha Nature Refuge. Includes outdoor education skills such as orienteering and camp craft.

Leo Club – An ever growing group of volunteers who work to fundraise, through various activities within the school, for chosen charities.  The boys are also involved in a number of community outreach services.

Personal Development

Duke of Edinburgh – an internationally recognised program designed to develop the whole person, allowing students to develop new skills, connect with others and encourage initiative, independence and personal growth.  It is not a competition, but a personal challenge, in which boys can choose activities which reflect their interests and passions.  It encourages students to commit to an individual challenge and to push themselves beyond their personal limits.

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards recognises a personal commitment across four key areas:

  • Service and responsibility to others
  • Personal interests and practical skills
  • Physical recreation and improvement of skills
  • Adventure and discovery

Open to students in Years 10 – 12.

Thinking and Reasoning

Chess – weekly chess coaching teaches boys strategies and tactics and develops their analytical skills, as well as providing healthy competition in a fun environment.  Boys are given opportunities to play in both interschool and interhouse tournaments.

Computer Club – held throughout the year for boys interested in learning new programs and testing their creative energies.  This year’s topics include robotics, basic programming and animation.

Debating – Moreton Bay Boys’ College takes part in the Queensland Debating Union competition. From Year 8 onwards, boys have the opportunity to represent the school and develop their skills whilst having fun. Preliminary rounds of the competition take place in Terms One and Two; finals are held in Term Three. Debating develops skills in public speaking and critical thinking, and helps students to learn about topical issues in our society.

Future Problem Solvers – an international competition encouraging creative thinking and complex reasoning skills

Maths Masters – an interschool extension maths opportunity available for boys in Years 5 -7, challenging them in advanced mathematical problem solving.

Maths Team Challenge – an extension maths opportunity available for boys in Years 5-12. Boys compete against other schools in a combination of independent and team problem solving challenges.

Model United Nations Club – boys are involved in a variety of geo-political scenarios requiring strategic thinking, debating, problem solving and discussions.

Public Speaking – boys hone their skills in public speaking within the curriculum up to Year 7.  From Year 8, boys are offered opportunities to improve their skills and compete in public at events such as Rostrum Voice of Youth, Plain English Speaking Competition and Brisbane City Council Environment Public Speaking Competition.

Readers’ Cup – state wide competition for students in Years 6, 7, 9 and 10 aimed at promoting reading, comprehension and lively discussion and debate.

Science Club – this program develops an understanding of the basic notions of science through hands-on experimentation and problem solving. Students are provided with the freedom and pleasure of building their own scientific knowledge and skills.

Speech and Communication (after school) – encourages confidence and positive self esteem in a variety of communication contexts.  Develops voice production, articulation, projection and expressive speech, oracy and self expression, voice and speech training, public speaking and debating, reading aloud skills and memorised interpretations of texts, drama and performance opportunities.

Tournament of the Minds – interschool program offering extension opportunities promoting problem solving, creativity, divergence, time management and teamwork.

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