Mountain Bike Club


What is Mountain Bike Riding?

Mountain Bike Riding is off-road. The MBBC boys enjoy the wide expanses, the bush scrub, riding down rocky slopes, up hard-slog ascents and generally riding off the beaten track. Mountain Biking is evolving and many other events and experiences are being offered to our boys through Mountain Biking, such as cross-country riding, cyclocross and downhill riding.

The MBBC Mountain Bike Club was founded by Year 10 student Harrison Ware as part of his Middle School IB project.  The club has expanded from its original 6 members in 2012 to over 80 students ranging in age from 9 – 17.

The boys train three times a week on MBBC’s own professionally designed and built track at the rear of the campus.

What does MBBC provide?

Facilities – At MBBC there is an endorsed and certified MTB track. This track has been student designed and created with family assistance and officially opened in 2015. The track is regularly maintained and is one of a kind in Brisbane. It is one of the only on-site Mountain Bike Clubs located at a school.

Coaching – The MBBC boys train three days a week with supervision by two coaches. The college also invites parents to join in the sessions to support. The school also hosts regular maintenance workshops for the boys using the skills of the Mountain Biking community.

Ride opportunities

                                                       Training Schedule
Day Time Year Level
Tuesday 3:00pm – 4:30pm Years 4, 5 and 6
Wednesday 7:00am – 7:45am Years 4 – 12
Thursday 3:15pm – 4:30pm Year 7 – 12 and MTB Competition Riders

For more information on bike maintenance and requirements for the MBBC Mountain Biking Club click on this link:

Click here to access the MBBC Mountain Biking Facebook page for more details.

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