Track and Field



Competitive Track and Field at MBBC takes place in Term 3.  Students will be selected to join the MBBC Track and Field squad based on their performance at the MBBC Track and Field carnival at the start of Term 3. Athletes within the MBBC squad will be chosen to compete at a range of Track and Field events throughout Term 3 including, UQ All Comers meets, District team trials and the Christian Schools Sports Association (CSSA) Track and Field Championships.


Students are to train at least once per week for each of the events in which they have been selected. For students selected in multiple events a rotational training program will be adopted allowing students to train in each event at least once a fortnight.


Members of the MBBC Track and Field squad wear the MBBC sports uniform to all meets and training. Students are to wear the MBBC Athletics singlet when representing MBBC at Track and Field events. The MBBC Athletics singlet can be purchased at the Uniform shop at the Hargreaves Road entrance to the MBC Campus.

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