BYOD in Primary and Secondary years

atp-2181Primary Device – iPad

The iPad is a popular device for 1:1 programs around the world enabling anywhere, anytime learning where students can be creators, consumers and collaborators. It provides an intuitive, multimedia-rich access to digital learning. The iPad’s educational popularity has encouraged Apple to provide extensive support and developers to create a vast array of educational apps. They are light and portable and the instant start-up of the iPad means greater use of class time for learning.

Middle School Device – Laptop

The use of laptops for middle years’ students provides greater functionality and allows for a wider use of peripherals. Recent developments in laptops has provided lighter models with greater battery life and a quicker start up time. Laptops are productivity devices and will allow for the use of industry standard software, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and Autodesk suites, and web based services.

Parent information:

Device Specifications:

To ensure devices meet the educational needs of the students for the life of the device, the College has established minimum specifications for both iPads and laptops. To view the current minimum specifications, click on the link below.


Frequently Asked Questions

BYOD Parent Evening Presentation

For parents wishing to purchase Apple products, the College has entered into an agreement with Apple to join the Apple Family-funded program. Apple now offers special Mac pricing for students attending our school.  This special pricing is available for purchases made at Apple Stores, via the Apple contact centre (call 133-622) or at the Apple online store.

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