Visual Art

The Moreton Bay Boys’ College P-12 arts curriculum is an imaginative and exploratory approach to learning which encourages personal expression and interpretation and develops a lifelong love for art. The Year 1 – 12 curriculum is taught by a specialist Visual Arts teacher. Visual Arts develops students’ ability in visual communication and understanding. It aids in the development of students’ capacity to make and appreciate their own art as well as the art of others.

Students explore a wide variety of art forms and techniques which include drawing, painting, printmaking, construction, modelling and electronic imaging. Our boys use their ideas, beliefs and imagination to create images, restructure their world and use materials expressively and respond to their surroundings in their own way.

Visual Art is a powerful and pervasive means which students use to make images and objects, communicating aesthetic meaning and understanding from informed perspectives. In a world of increasing communication technologies, knowledge and understanding of how meanings are constructed and “read” is fundamental to becoming a critical consumer and/or producer of artworks.

Visual Art prepares young people for a future in the workforce by requiring them to seek creative solutions to complex design problems, think divergently and use higher order learning skills to articulate an informed and individualised aesthetic (style/expression). At a time when creativity is sought by industry, visual art significantly contributes to the design and manufacture of images and objects needed for living. Artists, designers and craftspeople reflect identity and document culture through persuasive and inventive ideas.


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