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Music at Moreton Bay Boys’ College is centred on helping students develop a life-long love for music. This is fostered through the International Baccaleaurate curriculum (PYP and MYP) and the Queensland Senior Music Syllabus.  Our educational methodology is significantly influenced by the Kodaly approach to music education that “strives to achieve a synthesis of all the skills necessary to develop complete musicianship” (Bacon, 1993, p.75) and to cultivate a love and appreciation for music that is supported by understanding and direct musical experience (Choksy, 1999a).

Music literacy is developed gradually and sequentially.  Traditionally the Kodaly approach uses repertoire of folk songs and themes from art music to introduce the various musical elements including rhythm, melody and harmony.  However, to meet the needs of our students, the classroom music program at Moreton Bay Boys’ College also incorporates themes from popular music.

One other significant strength of the program is the close communication and cooperation between classroom and instrumental music staff who use similar musical language in their lessons to reinforce concepts being taught.


OVERVIEW – Music from P-12

Students in the primary school receive two music lessons a week. Prep to Year 5 play percussion and keyboard and learning music concepts through rhythm and song. In addition, Year 3 students are given the wonderful opportunity to learn a string instrument and have weekly lessons. They perform in small and large group string ensembles throughout the year.

Year 4, 5 and 6 students continue to learn the keyboard as part of their music lessons as well as having the opportunity to learn the ukulele.  Year 5 students also learn a concert band instrument. Each student is involved in a sectional and band rehearsal each week. Students are supplied with an instrument selected for them after testing.  Lessons culminate in performances for students, family and the wider college community.

Students in Year 3 and Year 5 are encouraged to continue the study of their instrument the following year.  The College provides assistance to parents to rent or purchase instruments.

Music is studied for one semester each year by all students in Years 7 to 10.  Music is a sequential course that builds self-discipline, confidence, creativity, teamwork, coordination, literacy and numeracy. Students will develop their musical literacy through a study of folk songs before applying these to instrumental performance, composition and exploring the musical elements within styles and themes including Rock and Pop, music in film music and advertising.

The study of music can be undertaken as part of undergraduate and graduate studies in Music, and the Creative and Performing Arts, either in combined qualifications or as a creative link in interdisciplinary studies, e.g. Music and Law, and Music and Medicine.

Moreton Bay Boys’ College allocates 3 x 70 minute periods per week to Senior Music Students.  This course of study provides students with a wide variety of learning experiences to develop musicianship across each of the three general objectives – Composing, Performing and Musicology.






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