Physical Education


Goals of the MBBC Health and Physical Education Program

The following characteristics were identified by the school community as beneficial attributes of all students as a result of their experiences in the Health and Physical Education Key Learning Area.

Students need to:

  • be physically fit and value physical health;
  • make healthy lifestyle choices;
  • demonstrate sun safe behaviours;
  • possess high self-esteem;
  • develop foundation skills to participate in a variety of sports throughout their entire life;
  • develop social skills for a variety of situations; and
  • develop appropriate decision making skills, according to the situation that will reflect consideration for the consequences of the decision.

Children develop beliefs, values and behaviours concerning health and physical activity at a young age, usually during the early years of schooling. Family, school environments, community support and encouragement play an important role in socialising students and shaping their values.

All boys undertake physical education lessons as part of their mandatory studies.

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