Senior Physics

Senior Physics

The understanding and development of physical phenomena occurs in physics. Physics values methods of precise measurement, reproducible experimentation and powerful mathematical relationships. Today, these methods continue to contribute to the development and provision of new information, ideas and theories to explain observations and experiences.

The Senior Physics course is organised around three fundamental areas. These are force, motion and energy. The key concepts in each of these areas are used to investigate and explain physical phenomena. At times these explanations may conflict with everyday understandings, but they are distinguished by their utility in explaining observed physical phenomena and, most importantly, they predict new phenomena.

Thus, two clear reasons emerge for the study of Physics at Senior level. First, it is the study of the universe and how it works, and second, its applications have produced and continue to produce benefits to our society. Participating in a course of study will immerse students in both the practical and the contextual aspects of the discipline.

The study of Physics gives students a means of enhancing their understanding of the world around them, a way of achieving useful knowledge and skills, and a stepping stone for further study.

The course will encourage students to think creatively and rationally about physics. Students will be challenged to understand and act responsibly on physics-related issues and to communicate effectively.

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