As an IB World School, Moreton Bay Boys College values Languages as an integral part of a general education. Boys study Spanish from Years 2 to 7 as a mandatory element of their curriculum. In Years 8 and 9 boys choose either Spanish or Japanese. In Years 10 to 12 Spanish is an elective subject.

Learning Spanish extends, diversifies and enriches the language learners’ way of thinking through developing cognitive flexibility and problem-solving ability. Because of the learners’ increased awareness of the ways in which relationships are expressed in the Spanish language, language study contributes significantly to the clear thinking and clarity of expression.

It gives insights into the nature, purposes and styles of the Spanish language and promotes a greater sensitivity to and understanding of languages in general, including English.

Language ability is fostered through the introduction of gradually more complex theme work, as well as active puzzles, games, songs, chants and role-play

The focus of the Spanish course is on developing the ability to communicate through the four macro-skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


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