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Welcome to the MBBC Digital Learning Hub!

MBBC commenced a comprehensive Digital Learning program across the College this year. This program seeks to align the College’s Teaching and Learning with the expanding role technology plays in our society.

A key goal of the College’s Strategic Plan is the development of a dynamic and innovative 21st century learning environment, which will deliver a multifaceted technology-rich curriculum. We believe that such an approach will have pronounced benefits in:

  • increasing student learning outcomes
  • improving boys’ engagement with the curriculum
  • developing the skills needed for their future
  • enhancing digital citizenship
  • ensuring that our boys have the capacity to thrive and be safe in a digital world

MBBC Digital Learning Program

In 2015 MBBC commenced a BYOD Digital Learning Program in the Primary and Middle Schools. This program started with Year 4 and Year 7 and is staged over a three-year period (based on a three-year life span for a device). Our program encourages flexibility and personalised learning through allowing the boys control over their devices. It enhances existing learning opportunities and continues to produce high quality educational outcomes.


 iPad Setup

The following resources are designed to assist parents in setting up their son’s iPad.

Setting up an iPad

Creating an Apple Id

Enabling Parental Restrictions



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