Middle School (Years 7-9)

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Middle School (Years 7 – 9):

Moreton Bay Boys College has a vision to create students who will not only be the best they can be, but the best citizens of tomorrow. With the expertise of the teaching staff of the Middle School, boys will strive to excel in all academic activities they undergo.

During the Middle School years, boys undergo rapid and acute physical, social and personal changes in their growth towards young men. They face new academic demands that quite often do not coincide with their intellectual or mental development.

Therefore, while intellectual development is, and must, continue to be the basic responsibility of the middle school, the education and nurturing of boys in their adolescent years has to be an integrated strategy that provides a balance between academic rigour and the personal needs of boys at this time. A boy’s readiness to achieve academically is heavily influenced by his personal security and self-esteem.

To be most effective, then, the educational experiences provided for a particular group of boys must match the nature of that group, be in concert with how they learn best, and assist them in dealing with the tasks that growing up presents at that age level. A Middle School program recognises the great diversity of maturation that characterises this age level and neither plans one lesson for all nor expects uniform results. Differentiated instruction becomes a necessity in order for all students to improve their academic performances.

The middle years of schooling at MBBC, will seek to fulfil the broad and critically important responsibilities for the boys by integrating into school classes and activities knowledge acquisition, mastery of basic skills, and personal development. Their success in doing so will hl have a major impact not only on the individual boys concerned but also on the success of the group as a whole.

Our MYP common core curriculum involves studies in:

1. English

2. Mathematics

3. Science

4. Studies of Society and Environment

5. Information, Communication & Design Technology

6. Visual and Performing Arts

7. Health and Physical Education, Sport & Recreation

8. Religious Education

9. Enterprise education

10. Languages

· Japanese

· Spanish

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