Curriculum overview: Prep-Year 12



Experts in boys’ education:

The MBBC curriculum is designed and tailored to provide a seamless transition for each boy, with the end goal that every student achieves his desired post-school destination. This is achieved by broadening the experiences of the boys through an innovative, relevant and engaging curriculum.

MBBC’s curriculum is designed around the specific, distinctly different ways boys think and learn, and the emotional support they need to maximise their potential.

We believe our boys should be able to engage in a wide range of academic and co-curricular endeavours, and be free to express themselves in a way that is not limited by stereotypes.

An all-boys environment also allows us to develop our resources towards the particular needs of boys, from the books they prefer to read to larger sized classrooms, high levels of technology and large, open spaces in which to play and build relationships.

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals who are experts in boys’ education committed to providing quality, innovative education and positive role modelling and mentoring.

We select teachers who are passionate about working with boys and who value and understand the specific way boys learn.

Our staff sit on panels, belong to professional associations, speak at educational forums and are committed to ongoing professional development. Many have Masters degrees and doctorates. We have a number of specialists who are leaders in their chosen fields. Our combination of youth and expertise, commitment and passion, is instrumental in our offering. Your son will receive a world –class education because we love what we do.We strive to help your son be his very best by always giving our very best.


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