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The year begins with much excitement as new Prep boys arrive for their first days at MBBC. There are many new friends to be made and the boys are always eager to engage in as many new experiences as possible!

Term 1 enables the boys to settle into their new surroundings and explore the Prep area. The shared lunches become a daily focus for catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones from the other class. Term 1 is based on the establishment of Prep routines and the boys begin learning more about themselves and their amazing personalities. The boys rotate between our three distinct areas – play-based, structured, and outdoor activities. This enables them to have a wide range of experiences and explore a stimulating and challenging environment.

Early mathematical skills are introduced through songs and rhymes as well as purposeful counting activities. The boys play with a variety of mathematical equipment and soon become budding mathematicians. Boys are engaged in literacy from the outset, building knowledge of words and letters and enjoying a range of different text types as readers and emerging writers. Students engage in the PYP Units of Inquiry to take their wondering to a whole new level in science, history, geography and technology. Boys have specialist time for Music and Physical Education and love nothing more than getting their ‘hands dirty’ in the vege garden or in visual art activities. As the year progresses, boys have a range of opportunities to extend their learning and knowledge.

The Prep year is an action-packed journey, with all boys rising to challenges, eagerly supported by committed and enthusiastic parents. The level of on-going support and involvement from many parents is exceptional. All boys have an amazing start to their educational journey and develop in all aspects of their personality and character.

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