Year 2


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In Year 2 our day is never the same! The boys are encouraged to have a go and achieve their personal best every time they approach learning tasks and social situations. Boys are encouraged to become independent learners, in order for them to achieve their personal goals. An overnight sleepover on campus is a real treat, just don’t tell mum and dad how much fun it is!

Building on the foundations of the early years, boys encounter new things each day through literacy and mathematical investigations. In literacy the boys consolidate sight word recognition, develop sound/ letter relationships and develop writing skills in a variety of genres including narratives, recounts, reports and poems. The boys learn new concepts in all strands of maths and are encouraged to discover new ways to solve mathematical problems. They use hands-on materials, games and other objects to represent what they know and can do. The boys participate in a range of different activities that challenge their learning styles and interests. The boys actively participate in drama and music and movement in class as well as technology and free play sessions.

Six Units of Inquiry see the boys asking ‘why?’, searching for answers and taking action in meaningful ways. Through this PYP framework the boys engage in science, history, geography and technology alongside their core literacy and numeracy work. For the first time the boys get a taste of the world though the language learning of Spanish. They cultivate their artistic side with specialist Visual Art and Music and enhance their motor skills in Health and Physical Education lessons.

Year 2 is a fun and engaging time for our little Year 2 ‘eagles’ to fly!



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