Year 3














A little bit taller, a little bit braver and a whole lot more prepared to take on the learning adventures of Year 3, our boys dive headfirst into this active year on and off campus. Building on the foundations of the early years, our Year 3 boys take the next step on their learning adventures. For the first time, our boys take their adventures off campus for an overnight camp at Kindilan, thriving on the chance to spend time with their mates and tackle the challenges.

In addition to core literacy and numeracy work, boys undertake six engaging Units of Inquiry capturing science, history, geography and technology knowledge and skills. They build on their artistic endeavours with Music, each learning a strings instrument as part of a wonderful musical curricular opportunity and see the world of Visual Art drive their learning at times. They continue their Spanish language learning journey and say hola! to the next experience. They build on physical skills and learn about a healthy approach to life through Health and Physical Education and build team skills for the competitive sport offerings over coming years.

Our Year 3 boys step up, fly over, navigate their way around and power through the many challenges and adventures of College life!

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