Year 4

We love Mapleton Camp!












Our boys are really growing up as they take the step into Year 4. For the first time, students will pull on the shirt and tie as part of their formal uniform and begin their transition into upper primary. It is a new adventure for boys as they make that transition from the early years into a new, more independent phase of learning. The building of strong relationships is pivotal in Year 4 and boys do this through their engagement in 4-6 Team Time as a new experience and through the adventurous Camp to Mapleton.

In addition to core literacy and numeracy work, boys undertake six hands-on Units of Inquiry capturing science, history, geography and technology knowledge and skills. They build, design, challenge and create throughout these PYP engagements seeing connections with the outside world. They enhance their creativity and discipline with Visual Art and Music, and say gracias for a whole new level of  learning in Spanish. They raise their voices in the Wynnum Manly Choral Speaking competition. In addition to the building the physical skills and healthy approach to life through Health and Physical Education, boys have the chance to participate in competitive sport with cricket, soccer, basketball, touch and tennis on offer in addition to the swimming, cross country and athletics programs.

Many challenges and milestones await our boys in Year 4!

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