Year 6

IMG_6415The final year of Primary School is a chance for our Year 6 boys to stand up and be counted as contributors to the Primary School. Taking on formal and informal leadership, students set an example for younger student by reflecting the IB Learner Profile attributes that they have developed during their P-6 time. It is a time when the boys are leaving the structure of the Lower School and yet not quite ready to venture into the Middle School. The road to Middle School leads through Year 6 starting early in the year with camp at Emu Gully, where boys get a taste of the ANZAC experience.

It is a year of building for our boys as they prepare for that transition into Middle School by further developing their self-reliance, independence and initiative and consolidating their primary learning. A highlight for all Year 6 students is participation in weekly 4-6 Team Time, fostering positive relationships, building character and developing that great MBBC spirit.
In addition to core literacy and numeracy work, boys undertake six engaging Units of Inquiry incorporating science, history, geography and technology knowledge and skills. A key element of the PYP journey for Year 6 is the annual PYP Exhibition, were Year 6 students bring together their learning from throughout the PYP into a student-driven, action-based Unit of Inquiry that culminates in the Exhibition evening. This wonderful showcase of student learning and performance is a highlight of the College calendar.

They build on their artistic endeavours with Visual Art and Music, and continue their language learning in Spanish. They build the physical skills and healthy approach to life through Health and Physical Education and the chance to participate in competitive sport with cricket, soccer, basketball, touch and tennis on offer in addition to the swimming, cross country and athletics programs.

Year 6 is the conclusion of the Primary School, but really only the beginning of an exciting learning journey ahead!

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