Senior School (Years 10-12)

atp-1011Year 10

Year 10 is a transition year for boys to assist them in preparing for their senior school program of study and the Queensland Certificate of Education. The QCE is highly flexible and allows boys to progress down multiple learning pathways to achieve their Senior Statement.

MBBC boys will be involved in a course of study that includes core subjects (English, Mathematics, Science and History/SOSE) and elective subjects (based on the interests and needs of boys). All subjects studied in Year 10 will be reflective of the types of curriculum and assessment practices related to the given subject. This will provide the boys with the opportunity to get as taste of what that subject may be like to study at a senior school level. At the same time, all boys will be given the opportunity to study vital academic areas which will enhance their future study potential and school-to-work transition. In this unique secondary curriculum experience, Year 10 is a significant and productive part of the senior years of schooling.

Years 11 and 12

As part of their Senior course of study, boys elect to take a typical senior secondary curricula involving a student studying six subjects for each of four semesters in Years 11 and 12. They may also elect to include Vocational Education as part of their study load. MBBC provides a variety of possible pathways that will allow all boys to undertake a course of study in their secondary school years that meets their individual learning needs and allows them to gain tertiary entrance.

MBBC students may also be given the opportunity to study Year 11 and 12 over three years within a Variable Progression Rate (VPR) course of study. The VPR program is designed to assist individual students to design a senior secondary curriculum, which meets his learning needs. A VPR program can make it possible for each boy to meet the rigour and demands of Year 11 and 12 at a pace and timing appropriate to them.

Enterprise education: At the same time as participating in compulsory and elective studies, all students will be provided with the opportunity to pursue their chosen area of interest or enterprise, involving but not limited to:

  • Work placement
  • Traineeship
  • Individual sporting excellence
  • Individual cultural excellence
  • Extended research project
  • Business and professional mentoring

Life and faith: Concurrent with each of the above, all boys will continue their journey through Christian, personal, values, social and health education which began in the early years of schooling.

Tertiary Admissions

QTAC have provided a slide presentation on procedures for tertiary admissions.  Attached

Tertiary Admissions – QTAC procedures

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