Being eSmart – Terms of Service

6 June 2018

Recently MBBC had an eSafety presentation from Digital Thumbprints. Part of the Year 7 presentation was about Terms and Conditions. I found this part of the presentation valuable enough to share with you.

Part of modern life is scrolling through pages of Terms and Conditions, cutely referred to as the T’s and C’s, and clicking on ‘I agree’ or ‘I have read’. You might feel guilty, or even concerned that things like this will happen. But don’t feel guilty for not reading them. It would take the average internet user 76 working days per year to read and keep up to date on the T’s and C’s for the services they use. So, how can we get around this?

There is an awesome website called Terms of Service Didn’t Read, which has read and summarised the T’s and C’s of most major websites. They list import issues for your to consider. Below is the Google listing.







I’m not sure if it will change my internet behaviour, but at least I now know what I am getting into.

Damien Murtagh
eLearning Coordinator IPT Teacher

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