A Culture of Community Support

6 March 2019

There are times, as we have seen in recent weeks, when our community comes under pressure and people within need our collective support. As a community, we get to shape our culture. This culture, where people matter and children are at the centre of all we do, is central to our purpose for being. The needs of our students and our focus on the whole child requires us to think beyond the narrow parameters of school performance that some would have us believe is all that matters about education.

When one of us is affected, our whole community comes together in support. During recent tragedies such as house fires, loss of life, and last week’s incident, the way our community responded and supported those affected illustrates something special. The observation that many have made is that when a crisis befalls one of us, there is a warm blanket of love and support provided.

While we cannot isolate ourselves from all the evil in the world, we can work to preserve that special oasis that is our culture where people matter.

Mr James Sloman
Executive Principal

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