A Year in Review

22 November 2017

James SlomanI would like to use my final newsletter article for 2017 to reflect on the wonderful year we have enjoyed at MBBC.

During 2017, our commitment to delivering a truly outstanding academic, pastoral, spiritual and co-curricular experience for every student has remained our priority. Our college values of Engagement, Character, Care and Teamwork continued to provide the pillars of the comprehensive and holistic educational experience we have sought to deliver.

Vigorous and continual strategic planning initiatives that have taken place during 2017 reflect our commitment to the five strategic pathways outlined in our current operational plan. The College Review, undertaken in Term 3, has allowed us to comprehensively understand what we do well as a college, and how can build upon this to ensure we are bringing the best of our past into our future. Building on what we do best while also creating an outstanding student experience is a critical part of work for us as a community. I am very grateful to the parents, staff and students who participated in the consultation phase of the college review. Your involvement and feedback was invaluable. The findings and conclusions of the review will now form part of the next Strategic Plan (from 2019 onwards) for the Moreton Bay Colleges which I look forward to sharing with you accordingly.

As a college, MBBC has had several major achievements this year.

  • The continued rollout of our school improvement agenda has seen a range of academic improvement initiatives rolled out during the year with much success.
  • Our focus on progressive reporting to ensure transparent and cyclical feedback has remained a priority with several trials of different reporting platforms held this year.
  • The expanded Assessment Program and introduction of several further assessment tools across the primary and secondary school. The data from these assessments has enabled us to monitor and analyse our student learning against nationally normed data with a view to early intervention and individual tailored solutions for our students. Our results vs both State and National averages have been extremely encouraging.
  • The 2016 OP Results for MBBC were exceptionally strong with 33% of students achieving an OP 1-5 – far exceeding the State average of 21.06%.
  • The MBBC 2017 NAPLAN results placed us amongst the top 20 most improved schools in QLD.
  • Pastoral care at MBBC continued to be exceptional during 2017. Our Pastoral Programs continued to have a wonderful impact on the social and emotional wellbeing of our students. For us as college, these pastoral program results are just as important as the academic statistics and reflect our commitment to providing a ‘holistic’ education.
  • We have enjoyed great successes in the Arts during 2017. The outstanding production of Oklahoma is testament to the quality of our drama and music program.
  • The sporting program at MBBC continues to grow with the Adventure Sports program evolving and becoming a true point of difference for the college.

The successes acknowledged above would not be possible without the support and contribution of our community. We are blessed at MBBC with a strong and unshakable sense of community. The strength of our community comes from the relationships we have with each other and how we work together to give our boys the attributes, experiences and learning that enables them to get to the end of their journey with us as young men imbued with the values we have instilled in them – Care, Character, Teamwork and Engagement. Your feedback as members of the community is vitally important for us a college and I encourage you to take the 10 minutes to complete the recently distributed Parent Survey. The feedback for us a college is instrumental to assist us in implementing change.

I am extremely grateful to the Leadership Team at MBBC led so admirably by Mr Tony Wood our Head of College. I would also like to thank our wonderful teaching staff. Their commitment to securing the best outcomes for your children is unparalleled. Their dedication to continual improving themselves for the betterment of our students is un-wavering. To our administration and support staff at MBBC, we are so appreciative of your contribution.

Finally, I wish you all a safe and happy holiday break and I extend my warmest Christmas blessings to you all.

James Sloman
Executive Principal

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