Celebration of Excellence

16 November 2016

img_8767This week I would like to share with you an abridged version of my speech which I gave at the MBC and MBBC Academic Awards Ceremonies.  I was delighted to see so many parents and students at these very important events in the College Calendars.

Our vision of Together we are Stronger speaks to the deep networks of relationships that run deeply through our college. Our relationship with the Uniting Church, with our past, our community, and the relationships between teachers and parents and between our colleges are all examples of these networked relationships. These relationships exist for one singular purpose – creating an outstanding school experience for our students.

To our parents I say we are unrelentingly focussed on your child! The academic achievements of your child are important to you and they are important to us.

Two years ago many of you gave up your time to tell me exactly this. Many of you said that you wanted to see us work harder on this. We have been making the improvements in what the students are learning, how they are learning it how we know this and report on this.

Academic results improve when we focus on the child and try to ensure that by the end of the year they know more, can do more, they are more skillful and more knowledgeable.

Next year will see us implementing a data tracking tool to assist us. Most of the students across the colleges have undertaken standardised testing which will tell us specifically what they can do. With this information teachers can drill into this and then make the necessary adjustments to support and extend students.

This means new ways of reporting and providing feedback that is real time and which includes parents. This progressive reporting is something you will continue to hear more about.

The academic improvement agenda is realising significant results already. Our students’ results are improving which includes their literacy and numeracy results—and their results are surpassing other schools in leaps and bounds.

We are fortunate to have outstanding teachers who are not only terrific teachers but also care about the students in their class. For them the goal is about adding value to their students in the year that they have them.

Finally, I want to acknowledge our parents. It is your sacrifice and support that is giving our students their foundations in life.

Thank you all for an outstanding 2016 for The Moreton Bay Colleges. They are great colleges and a really good places to be.

We are about creating a truly outstanding experience for our students. Creating memories that they will have for many years and an experience that gives them the Christian values and the academic and co-curricular results to ensure that they are set up for life.

Mr James Sloman

Executive Principal

The Moreton Bay Colleges





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