College Community Displays Core Values

27 April 2017

James SlomanThe Easter school holidays came a little early for our two colleges thanks to ex-tropical cyclone Debbie! The State Government made the announcement that all schools in Queensland would be cancelled at a time when students were already at school or in transit and we were presented with a significant challenge. This included physically checking both colleges for children to ensure their safety, communicating with parents who were onsite dropping children off as well as others in transit while safeguarding the welfare of our staff.  It was a challenging time for us all and I’d like to give thanks to our entire college community for their understanding and willingness to work through this situation. This was a testament to the way that we can work through challenges together as a community. This calm, resilient and good humoured way of dealing with adversity is great role modelling for our children.

As two colleges, one community we can reflect on what it means to come from Moreton Bay and look to our vision as two single-sex independent schools operating in the Uniting Church tradition. When boys and girls learn in different ways and at a different pace, it makes sense they learn in classrooms where both teachers and students can focus on their unique way of learning and make the necessary adjustments to their teaching. Boys and girls can also learn from and about each other. We do this through our co-curricular programs and there are so many examples occurring in music, STEM and sport.

While there are many examples of where this is happening I would really encourage our boys to participate in the mountain bike riding program at MBBC. We have a mountain bike track at the boy’s school, support from a professional coach and a mature and impressive program.

Finally, may I wish all in our college community a happy and safe term. The Moreton Bay Colleges have an abundance of opportunities for our children, many that other schools could only dream of offering!

James Sloman
Executive Principal

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