College provides opportunity for growth

7 June 2017

James SlomanAs two Colleges is one community we believe that boys and girls learn in different ways, learn at a different pace and develop differently. Neither way is better or worse, they are simply different! They both end up in a similar place as adults but childhood and adolescence is a period in a person’s life where they need to be buffered from the excesses of the world and its problems. We know that the world is currently a confusing and confronting time for us all, however, the Moreton Bay Colleges are an oasis from this and a place where children can learn so their beliefs may become cemented and their essential values take root so their character as people can form.

As a college community we believe in keeping our children safe and happy by creating the boundaries and opportunities for growth. As two colleges within the one community I have to say this is something we do exceptionally well and I am incredibly proud of the pastoral programs, co-curricular offerings and academic learnings that allow this development to occur. This edition of the newsletter is testament to the many opportunities for our children and I commend the staff, students and the community for really engaging with the many outstanding learning experiences here at the Moreton Bay Colleges.

James Sloman
Executive Principal

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