From the Acting Executive Principal / Head of College

20 June 2018

Tony WoodAs we draw to the close of another busy term it’s worth reflecting on the impressive progress both colleges have made this year. Our 2018 operational plan had quite an ambitious program but with a clear emphasis on making the two colleges even better than they are.

As I mentioned last week the Board and the Executive Team are listening to the feedback from our community and using that to help shape the strategic direction for the next four or five years.

It’s clear that the colleges are in excellent shape. The outcomes for students are outstanding and the opportunities they have are plenty and varied. It’s great to review our strategic direction from a genuine position of strength.

Having had the opportunity in recent weeks to work across both schools I know first-hand of the hard work and commitment that the staff at each school are giving in providing outstanding experiences for our children. As Professor Louise Stoll said at a recent ISQ forum “a responsive 21st-century school has confident teachers who collaborate and innovate, and a leadership that establishes an environment where that flourishes.”

Whether its launching an evidenced-based wellbeing framework across both colleges (Five to Thrive and Hearts & Minds); preparing thoroughly for the introduction of the new QCAA senior syllabuses; embarking on staff leadership initiatives; developing progressive online reporting to enable relevant, timely and specific feedback for students; or ensuring that the way we are teaching aligns with the Art and Science of Teaching, we are succeeding in making these colleges exceptional places for girls and boys and responsive 21st century schools.

Of course, it’s not only the teachers doing wonderful work. The colleges are very dependent on the work of support staff and the staff that work across both colleges in the shared services of Finance, IT, Marketing and HR. They ensure that these two schools are in a very strong and secure position to enable the excellent work that is happening inside classrooms, on sporting fields or on the stage.

When people work together great things can happen. This is the hallmark of the culture of the Moreton Bay Colleges’. In the end, school culture isn’t made by mission statements, strategic plans, programs, or structural changes. School culture is built on behaviours, one action or interaction at a time. It’s what people consistently do that shapes the culture.

As we approach the end of term I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and unwavering commitment to these two colleges and to wish you a safe and happy holiday period. I know the students and staff have earned it!

Tony Wood
Acting Executive Principal

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