Graduate Attributes

28 March 2018

It seems unfathomable that we are now just days away from the end of Term 1. After hitting the ground running, the Term has certainly flown by with much achieved across the Colleges both inside and outside the classrooms.

Late last week, we released a video to the College community which overviewed an important piece of work that the Colleges have been focussed on for several months. Reflecting our commitment to futureproof our students, this piece of work involved defining the characteristics or traits that we believe our students will need to survive and thrive in the 21st century. Determining how we can best prepare our students for a world which is increasingly hard to define and ready them for jobs that don’t yet exist is an absolute priority for us. I speak a lot about how our objective at the Moreton Bay Colleges is to provide every student with an outstanding experience while at our colleges, but further to this, our duty is to ensure that when they walk out of our gates that they are ready and able to take on the challenges of an extremely complex landscape.

This video overviewed the desired graduate attributes, attitudes and skills and introduced these key traits which we will now seek to further develop and embed in all students. Importantly we recognise that development of these skills that we consider so vitally important for our students will not only occur in the classroom but on the sporting field, the stage and via the many service learning projects – indeed on all levels.

The list, which groups characteristics as either an attribute, an attitude or a skill is closely aligned with our College values that are deeply and firmly embedded into all we do at the Moreton Bay Colleges. As members of the College community, you already understand the importance we place on the development of our values in our students. Our holistic approach to education is something we are very proud of. We are not a College that cares only what OP results our students achieve. While we acknowledge that this is important, we are just as concerned with what kind of people they become and what values they uphold.

We believe that developing these attributes, attitudes and skills, along with our College values, will best prepare our graduates to survive and thrive no matter what path they take. We are committed and passionate about ensuring that our student’s needs are always the central focus and now, with a defined list of desirable traits, we are excited to move forward and set about further developing these traits in each and every student.

The timing of this announcement is fundamentally important as, having just begun the Strategic planning process for the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, implementing this work will provide the framework for the next stage in the Colleges’ journey. Since the last newsletter, we have now concluded the majority of the stakeholder consultation phase of the planning process. Both the parent and student workshops have now been completed with the staff workshop scheduled for early Term 2.

I wish you all a restful, safe and holy Easter period. Hopefully, you will have some time to rest and recharge prior to what will no doubt be an equally busy and productive Term 2.

James Sloman
Executive Principal

Please click here to view the video:

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