Our Children, Our Future

11 October 2017

James SlomanKiessenai ingeris is a traditional Masai greeting! Spoken in Swahili it translates as “how goes it with our children”. As a people, the Masai are committed to their children. They understand that their future prosperity relies on the efforts of the next generation. In fact, the conveying of traditions, history and learnings to the children in the Masai villages is one of the greatest responsibilities of the community. Together, they realise that the strength of their community is reflected in their children.

This Masai greeting was introduced to me by the Principal of Matim School near Arusha in Tanzania. The Principal, Mr Angweni Lango is a remarkable educator making a significant difference to the lives of children within his village. The Moreton Bay Colleges’ sponsored his study to Australia last year and many of our students had the opportunity to meet him. He and his fellow village elders fundamentally believe in the work they are doing in educating the children of their village. The Moreton Bay Colleges have a long and deep connection to Matim School through MBBC and we are grateful for our biennial service tours to Tanzania, which provide unique learning opportunities for our students. Next year sees both boys and girls travel together to Tanzania as a combined service trip.

The message in the traditional Masai greeting is relevant for us as a community, where we come together to create learning opportunities for our children. This means drawing on the traditions of our colleges, being true to our values and designing a future for our colleges that provides our students with the skills, values and understandings that they will need long after they graduate.

To this end, last term, we commenced the process of strategic thinking with a consultation process based on school improvement. While much of this process to date has focussed on teachers and staff we are looking to engage our parents and student groups at a deeper level. The next step will be seeking further evidence to corroborate what we have found, seek out the views of our stakeholders and set in place a process that guides our collective future. More information about this will follow over the term.

James Sloman
Executive Principal

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