Quality Education will Future-Proof Your Child

15 August 2017

James Sloman“A quality education is the key in future-proofing your child for an increasingly globalised world,” says demographer Mark McCrindle, whose firm McCrindle Research, spends a lot of time looking at numbers, charts and global metrics.  Their analysis shows a clear link between the education standards of a nation and where it lies in other key measures of quality of life, standard of living and general wellbeing. He goes on to say that “as we move into global productivity, an ongoing era of knowledge economy, and as a nation focus even more on innovation and productivity, education is key.”

Parents are not only seeking strong academic results they are also placing great importance on co-curricular opportunities; leadership and character development; and values. McCrindle says that because there are now multiple pathways to tertiary, Year 12 results are not as critical in choice as they used to be. Holistic development is key to future-proofing children and independent schools are delivering this educational approach.

Parents, I encourage you to listen to the podcast of an interview with Mark McCrindle to hear his views about the benefits of an independent education for our children. His insights resonate with the priorities of the Moreton Bay Colleges where we are already delivering so much of what he describes as being the necessary life-skills and values our children will need once they leave school.

Click Here for the Podcast.

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