Results Reflect Exceptional Learning Culture

19 July 2017

James SlomanWelcome back to Term 3 of what has been a wonderful year to date across the colleges. There has been so much terrific work happening in ensuring students have an outstanding educational experience. With improvements in NAPLAN and strong performances in ICAS and ACER testing, the great work of our teachers and students is seeing very pleasing academic advancements. Similarly, the pastoral care across the colleges continues to be exceptional! The ACER testing undertaken late last term again reflects the wonderful impact that our pastoral programs are having on the social and emotional wellbeing of our students.

The academic and pastoral programs balanced with the co-curricular program, particularly music, sport and STEM provides an excellent holistic and balanced program for our children. This, in conjunction with the spiritual growth of our children through Religious Education and the Chaplaincy program, gives Moreton Bay students an outstanding education and is very exciting.

I look forward to the second half of the year as we support our senior students through to graduation, celebrate the achievements of so many outstanding students and deliver the programs that create such a distinctive and excellent education.

James Sloman
Executive Principal

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