The best laid schemes of mice and men, go often askew

5 September 2018

The famous Scot and poet Robert Burns wrote “The best laid schemes of mice and men, go often askew”. This line, adapted from a line in To a Mouse written in 1785 suggests that that no matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. With this in mind the Moreton Bay College P&F Association, in consultation with the College’s Executive Team, decided to postpone the Family Fun Day that was to be held on Saturday August 25. All of the advice and evidence pointed to the chance of rain at near 90%! While we all no doubt share in the disappointment of having to make this decision, I strongly believe it was the right one.

Within this context, I have been reflecting on decision-making, the process of making a decision and what actions come as a result of making them. Every day, many hundreds of decisions are made within our Colleges, be it a child at home making a decision to study or procrastinate; to a Board of Governors making a long-term strategic decision. The College Leadership Team will often hear me say that our job is making decisions consistently and under pressure, and the purpose of our meetings is to make these decisions and work out how to communicate these decisions effectively. We can all take a leaf out of the MBC P&F Association in how to make a decision as I regarded their process as best practice. The P&F Association gathered all of the evidence available to them, listened to the voices that were relevant, considered the context and the people that would be impacted upon, consultatively made a decision and then worked out the best way to communicate it.

While there were other minor steps; this was the crux of the process and it was outstanding. Now, we’re looking forward to a wonderful event in November that in many ways will be a culminating occasion for our community for 2018.

James Sloman
Executive Principal

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