Tracking Academic Improvement

8 August 2018

With Semester II now well underway, all students will have received Semester I reports, feedback from teachers and possibly, parent-teacher interviews. This rich vein of feedback should be examined with the oversight of parents, against goals that were set many months ago. For most of our students these goals are written in school diaries. These goals might need to be revisited and perhaps adjusted to ensure that the goals for the remainder of the year are challenging and achievable.

 Teachers have access to increasingly sophisticated data analytics in the form of Track One, and depending on whether they are in Primary or Secondary schools across the colleges, See Saw or LMS, as a tool to provide real time feedback to their students. Importantly, the adjustments that teachers make to their planning and instructional practices are informed by the children in front of them, in their classes. This is confirmed by both school assessment and standardised normed testing. The results are then triangulated to establish what a child can and cannot do with appropriate intervention or extension provided where appropriate.

This vision for academic improvement is focussed on the child and is determined by their respective learning journey. We are proud of the fact that we seek to take each child through focussed teaching and engaged learning and add value to their knowledge and skills in ways that are increasingly measurable. This is an exciting and challenging improvement agenda for our colleges. If you have any further questions I invite you to speak with your child’s teacher and the various teaching and learning leaders across the colleges.

James Sloman
Executive Principal

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