MBBC to join Christian Schools Sport Association (CSSA) in 2017!

21 November 2016


Ben Tran in the relay for MBBC

Ben Tran in the relay for MBBC

It  is with great pleasure that I inform you of Moreton Bay Boys College’s inclusion in the Christian Schools Sports Association (CSSA) effective from January 2017. CSSA is a National sporting organisation which has been in existence for several decades. It provides  member schools with the opportunity to compete in friendly yet competitive sporting contests with like-minded Christian schools.
The Queensland division of CSSA (CSSAQ) runs inter-school carnivals for member schools in Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics. There is also the opportunity each year to represent CSSAQ in a range of team sports at the National Christian Schools Team Games.
Currently, there are 27 member schools within the Queensland division of CSSA.

Schools such as:

  • Redlands College
  • Citipointe Christian College
  • Northside Christian College
  • Westside Christian College
  • Calvary Christian College
  • Parklands Christian College are just a few.
    MBBC’s affiliation with CSSA will replace the College’s association with the Greater Brisbane Conference (GBC) competition. There are several benefits for our MBBC students that arise from our new affiliation with CSSA, above and beyond those offered by the GBC competition.

These include:

  • CSSA competition is for Year 4 to 12 students; GBC was Year 7 to 12 only.
  • CSSA offers more depth of competition with on average 10 to 12 schools competing at each carnival. GBC competition included 6 schools each with a differing sporting ethos.
  • CSSA is an independent corporate entity, controlled by its member schools. GBC was controlled mainly by the Headmasters of TAS schools, the majority of whom did not compete in the GBC competition.
  • CSSA provides pathways for representative honours to the National Christian Schools Team Games. GBC did not have the opportunity for representative honours.

What does this mean for your son and his involvement in our MBBC swimming, cross country and athletics teams? Largely, it’s business as usual. Next year we will train hard and work together as a team as we have in the past. The biggest difference for 2017, however, will be that the MBBC teams will be substantially bigger with Year 4, 5 and 6 students now having the opportunity to represent MBBC at CSSA events.
More details on the CSSA competition will be distributed in early 2017 as we approach the first event, the CSSA swimming carnival on 13th March 2017.
I’m very excited by this opportunity and look forward to continuing to provide outstanding sporting experiences for our boys.

Kind regards
Mr Tony Wood Head of College

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