New Library for Moreton Bay Boys’ College

7 November 2017

Manly, Brisbane: Today, the first sod has been turned by one of the Year 6 Captains, to mark the commencement of the construction of a new Library for the Moreton Bay Boys’ College (MBBC). With a steady increase in student numbers, the much needed larger library will be a centre of inquiry, discovery and creativity, accommodating the changing ways of learning.

Member for Lytton, Joan Pease MP, was in attendance for this milestone event as well as members of the Colleges’ Board and Foundation. Stokes Wheeler, the contracted builders, will be commencing construction shortly, and it is expected that the building will be completed within 8-9 months.

‘We are thrilled to announce the commencement of this new state of the art facility for MBBC. The new library will further assist the College in providing an outstanding educational experience for our boys,” says James Sloman, Executive Principal, Moreton Bay Colleges. “The new facility, which will become the central learning hub at MBBC, reflects our focus on laying the foundations for the College’s future and catering to our ever growing enrolment pipeline.”

Designed by the Bickerton Masters Architecture firm, the library will be central within the College campus, sitting harmoniously in the natural environment. It will offer a range of learning spaces across two levels, allowing the flexibility to adjust teaching and learning styles as technology and pedagogical approaches develop over time.

More than three times the size of the current library, the lower floor at approximately 360 sq metres, will consist of library resource areas and group work areas including IT facilities. The upper floor will provide space for collaborative learning while taking advantage the site’s unique outlook.

“The way in which students consume content has changed and continues to change; the Library space has been designed to provide this flexibility,” says Tony Wood, Head of College, Moreton Bay Boys’ College. “The Library will act as a learning hub for our boys and represents the importance that teaching and learning has here at MBBC.”

The College was pleased to receive government support of around one-third of the cost of the building. The Moreton Bay Colleges’ Foundation is currently working to raise additional funds to ensure this important new building can meet the changing needs of our school and our learners into the future.

“Providing a learning environment which fosters and encourages innovate and entrepreneurial thinking, is something that MBBC is becoming known for.  We aim to take this to another level with the construction of the new Library,” says Jason Titman, Chair Moreton Bay Colleges Foundation and Board Member MBC and MBBC. The Moreton Bay College’s Foundation is excited to be assisting in raising funds to make this building a ‘class leading’ educational facility.”

The Library will also provide an opportunity to welcome local community groups onto the MBBC campus, embracing the College’s culture of service.

For further information, please contact Lynne Labanne, Director of Marketing,

m 0458 800 271

Editors notes:

Moreton Bay Boys’ College

In 2003 the Moreton Bay Boys’ College was established as a brother school for the historic Moreton Bay College, to provide high quality, single sex education drawing on the culture and ethos of the existing girls’ school.  Since this time, the College has grown to accommodate 500 boys.

The Moreton Bay Colleges’ Foundation Ltd was established as a charitable foundation in 2016 to build community support for the two Colleges, helping to fund student scholarships, new building and learning initiatives and to build a stronger future, together. The Foundation is passionate about delivering high quality learning and teaching facilities as well as sporting and cultural facilities for our current and future students. For Moreton Bay Boys’ College, our greatest need is a new home for our Library.




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