Using the school App – for event reminders – 5 easy steps

28 October 2014

We are excited about the positive response we have had about the new mobile phone app and after using it for almost 4 weeks, the take up has been strong and the praise has been high. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it is free on iTunes (just type in Moreton Bay Boys’ College) and it is also available for Android users free on Google Play.

You can order lunches, check the school calendar for up to a fortnight and save school events to your phone calendar . You can also subscribe to year groupings in your settings (junior, middle, senior school) to filter out messages you don’t need. We will be revising and updating further down the track once we have more users.  The App is designed to compliment the standard forms of school communication such as emails, newsletter and web calendar. It is not the place to find everything, so please keep an eye on the newsletter and web calendar.

Saving events from the school calendar to your phone

1.Go to events tab
2.Select the event you want ” mountain bike training Y4-12″
3.Choose the icon of the UP arrow at the top right of the screen
4.Choose save to calendar, or you can post to face book or email it to a friend.
5. This will then be saved in your calendar on your phone or tablet.

Or alternatively,
You can subscribe to the whole school calendar, by choosing the UP arrow icon in the events tab.

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