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Cultural and global highlights at MBBC

28 August 2013
If you were not present at the MBBC Kaleidoscope Music Concert last Friday night, you missed out on a great night!  From the compering by [...]

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How is the connection between MBBC and MBCC progressing?*

21 August 2013
As readers of my earlier 2013 newsletters will know, MBBC and MBC are committed to developing strong and broader communication between the two colleges, members [...]

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Parent support makes all the difference

15 August 2013
Schools where parents play an active role in the life of the school are generally positive, innovative and successful places. This support can be in terms [...]

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Our partnership results in better careers advice for our students

7 August 2013
Two years on from the official amalgamation of MBBC and MBC, with regular monthly reports to the Board on the gains and challenges of the [...]

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A father’s love – our Father’s love

31 July 2013
Yesterday was the 2013 MBC Founders’ Day in which sport and physical education - one of the five “seeds” that the remarkable Greene sisters are [...]

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Your Fees and school funding

24 July 2013
A good deal has happened since last I wrote to you about school funding changes.  [No, please don’t turn to the next item.  This is [...]

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Welcome back to Term 3

17 July 2013
Following a number of successful events in the term break involving staff and students at both schools, the term has begun well.  I hope that [...]

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Boys and Girls can do anything but Vive la Différence!

19 June 2013
During the last week or two those of us who follow the news have been saddened at a number of unsavoury incidents relating to violent [...]

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The latest amalgamation update

12 June 2013
The process of aligning MBBC and MBC where it is needed and determining where the two schools should be different continues alongside the daily priority [...]

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5 June 2013
Keeping the lines of communication open in the interests of our students As Sir Ken Robinson, renowned educational thinker and commentator, skyped into Brisbane’s EduTech conference [...]

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