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5 October 2010
Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.  As far as possible without surrender be on [...]

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School Holidays

14 September 2010
Sleeping in. Not having to be anywhere at a particular time. Not having to pack lunches or iron uniforms.   Ahh, the joys of school holidays. Parents often enjoy the [...]

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Celebrate What’s Right With The World

7 September 2010
This week offered many opportunities to smile at all that we are getting right at MBBC.  With just seven years under our belt, there may [...]

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Fathers’ Day

31 August 2010
His socks were folded meticulously, then arranged in shades, from darkest to lightest, in the drawer. Always well presented, careful selection of attire, long socks [...]

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The Power of Community

24 August 2010
Community is one of the College’s seven values and, over the last few weeks, there have been a number of wonderful demonstrations of its importance [...]

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The Election Issue

17 August 2010
As we are all aware, the federal election will be held this Saturday. From the College’s perspective is one party preferable to another? Quite simply, not [...]

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Tackling Bullying

10 August 2010
Mrs Patchett and I attended a very interesting seminar yesterday conducted by noted adolescent psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. It dealt with bullying in schools, particularly [...]

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Building Our Culture

3 August 2010
I was very pleased last week, when watching the Year 8 Rugby team playing their final game, to hear the way the boys encouraged and [...]

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Car Parking and Pick-Up Zone

27 July 2010
These two issues seem to dog many schools. Recently, when visiting a school closer to the city for Saturday sport, the closest parking spot I [...]

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How our choices reflect what we value

20 July 2010
During the holidays, I was fortunate to hear a speech from an African-American Rhodes Scholar, Wes Moore, about the importance of making good choices.  He [...]

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