2017 Achievements

22 November 2017

Tony WoodThe year is nearly over and I look back with a great deal of satisfaction on the learning and growth that has taken place. I am very proud of the boys of MBBC. They continue to amaze me with their energy, their talents and their passion for their school.

These thoughts are always near the surface and especially during last week when we celebrated the achievements of our boys at the Celebration of Excellence and then farewelled the Year 12 graduating class.

The class of 2017 was very well led by the College Captains and I’m indebted to them for their example of what it means to be an MBBC boy – one of life’s adventurers & life’s achievers.

The outgoing College Captains were Matthew Rogers – College Captain, Ben Roxburgh – College Vice-Captain, Curtis Bailey – College Cultural Captain, Jack Taggart – College Service Captain and Lachlan Sloman – College Sports Captain. The House Captains were Connor Howarth (Doherty), Joshua Bamford (Dunlop), Finley Williams (Flynn), Janus Pretorius (Nicholls).

College Captain Matthew Rogers and his accomplishments were rightly acknowledged and honoured last Monday evening. For the majority of the audience it was Matthew’s magnificent piano recital that truly stood out on the night. As Dux of the College and College Captain Matthew represented the very qualities of an MBBC boy.  He was open minded, hardworking, thoughtful and courageous. He led a close knit and connected group of Year 12s.

As the 2017 College Captains depart, I am delighted to announce the 2018 College Captains. They are:

  • College Captain – Jackson Willmott
  • College Vice-Captain – Ben Madden
  • College Cultural Captain – Hudson Beck
  • College Service Captain – Flynn Schrantz
  • College Sports Captain – Brandon Falconer

Our Senior House Captains for 2018 will be:

  • Dakota Russell – Doherty
  • Mitchell Wilson – Dunlop
  • Rory Cooper – Flynn
  • Cooper Hassan – Nicholls

This week the College hosts the annual PYP Exhibition for Year 6 boys. The PYP Exhibition marks the culmination of a boy’s learning journey through Primary school. As a culminating experience it is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile that have been developing throughout their engagement with the PYP. It’s been fascinating watching boys develop their learning and engaging in a topic that they feel really interested in. As a mentor I’ve had the privilege of working with a boy as he discovers the impact that animals have on humans. I’ve learned a great deal on the journey too!

In a further example of the abundance of opportunities that exist for boys at MBBC I will be attending the graduation of the Year 10 students who have successfully completed their Drone Pilots License. This unique program commenced at the beginning of this semester and now at the conclusion of the semester we congratulate the boys on their enthusiasm and interest in flying drones and congratulate them on the successful completion of their license.

Finally, it was an exciting moment when the first trucks appeared on the campus marking the beginning of the Library construction. Work is well and truly underway now and we look forward to seeing the library emerge during next year.

As this is our last newsletter for the year I want to thank you all for your ongoing support of our great school. I am always humbled by the trust you place in us to care for and educate your sons. I wish all our families a safe, relaxing and blessed Christmas and look forward to seeing you all again in 2018.

Until next year,

Best wishes,

Tony Wood
Head of College

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