Anaphylaxis & Allergies

25 January 2017

The overarching goal we have for every student at MBBC is that they learn, but even more importantly, that they do so in a place where they feel safe and where their safety is maintained by teachers and staff at the College.
Many children in our school community have a severe allergy to nuts and the oils contained in foods that contain nuts. Strict avoidance of these products is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction. The allergy can be life threatening to some of our students at MBBC.
Anaphylaxis is the severest form of allergy and can affect various organ systems including the upper and lower respiratory systems with the throat possibly closing. Our school has an emergency procedure established for such an emergency but we would also like the school community to be very aware of the potential harm to boys with allergy conditions.
While we cannot guarantee a completely nut free environment we take every measure to ensure we minimise the risk of exposure to nuts and nut products. We therefore, appeal to parents not to pack nuts or nut products when preparing their son’s lunches and to think carefully about what to buy for class parties, other celebratory events, or other school based events that may require the bringing of food to school.
Food allergies are becoming more common. We must do all we can to provide all students with a safe learning environment. With your help we shall achieve our goal.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.
Yours sincerely

Mrs Paula Jowitt  Administration Assistant Student Services

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