Balloon powered cars take off in middle school!

9 November 2011
Forces in motion in Year 8 Science

Forces in motion in Year 8 Science

The Year 8 Science classes have been investigating forces and motion. As part of a unit of inquiry they have been designing and constructing balloon powered cars using existing recyclable or reusable materials found in their home. 

They have been observing their cars in action, linking their acquired knowledge and understanding of how forces apply to and affect the motion of objects and then modifying their car to make it more effective. 

The entire process relies heavily on the reflection of how their balloon car applies to Newtons three laws of motion, friction, balanced and unbalanced forces.

The boys have been having a great time testing their cars against each other.  So far the top distance is 10.9 m (although there are claims of 12m but no witnesses to verify!)

Miss Kerrie Johnstone
Year 8 Science Teacher

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