MBBC student advises Lord Mayor!

22 March 2017

We all know that in this current era of technology access to other cultures is becoming more possible. Google maps, Instagram, facebook  and other mediums allow us to see how other cultures live around the world. Youth are now getting a voice in a global forum.

MBBC Year 10 student Student Josh Burgess, Josh Burgessis a participant on the Lord Mayors Youth Advisory Council. This means that Josh meets once a term with the Lord Mayor and the Council’s Youth Team to discuss issues affecting young people.  Recently, he attended the Queensland State Conference of UN Youth Australia, which spanned Friday to Sunday.

This year’s theme was Multiculturalism in a World of Change.  Old Boy Boy Dan Allsopp was one of the facilitators for the weekend. 

Josh and his family are grateful to MBBC for allowing Josh these opportunities and particularly acknowledge Mrs Naomi Williams for her encouragement and support of Josh interest in these events.

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